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Summer is here..



Hello Daisy Bowler friends,

We are having a lovely year so far, from playing down in Dorset to being here in Southend to full park on the Bandstand.

We are also delighted to announce that we have now raised over £5,000 for local charities through our monthly gigs at The Fishermen's Chapel ( who let us have the chapel for free). We would like to thank all of you who have supported us.

We are looking forward to the Leigh Folk Festival, perhaps selling some CD's to help fund our next one!!


Please contact us if you would like to book us for your party or event. Heather : 07879 232231.



Lots of love to you all,


Heather, Debbie and Dave xxx




"Such fun, we are so lucky to be able to have such a good afternoon" .. Jean Bradford ( guest at Elsie's cafe)


Brenda Thompson .. " Looking forward to our monthly musical tea treat!"


John Foster ( jazz fan) " Delightfully nostalgic, beautifully sung: a breath of fresh air"


"Great music and harmonies, foot tapping and enjoyable!llo" .. guest aou t one of The Daisy Bowlers Vintage tea events.


Penelope Jane .. " first timers and thoroughly enjoying your great talent..."





 A lovely email from the bride of a wedding this year .."you sounded absolutely fantastic and I loved how you blended the festive tunes in too, as I said on the day ALL our guests loved you, and so did we, so just wanted to say thanks! The Daisy Bowlers really contributed to the day being as special as it was :) Thank you so much again for everything".


A letter we received from Rosie ( organiser of the Lake Meadows Jazz Festival) .."A special thank you to the Daisy Bowlers for making me smile last night at the end of a very stressful week!

I love what you do and you are such a happy trio, it’s infectious."


"WOW, always so entertaining and so so happy!" .. Anji Sue Stratton